The Most Versatile Construction Equipment: Excavators

Excavators are perhaps the most versatile type of construction equipment due to their wide range of uses. Learn more about excavators and other essential pieces of construction equipment.

The Most Versatile Construction Equipment: Excavators

Excavators, often referred to as diggers, are the most widely used construction equipment due to their versatility. They are a staple on construction sites, as well as in mining, landscaping, demolition and more. The main manufacturers are Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere and Volvo. Excavators are considered an industry standard.These machines are large and heavy, designed to move dirt.

They come in two varieties: wheeled and crawler (with treads). Crawler excavators have better stability, occupy a larger space and have a lower center of gravity, making them ideal for softer terrain. When equipped with a hammer, shredder or shear, they can be used for demolition or quarrying work. Wheeled excavators can also do all of these things, but they are better suited for hard surfaces like urban environments, paved roads, building slabs and parking lots.

Wheel loaders are also frequently used for tasks such as loading, transporting and storing material. With the right accessories, their versatility increases even more; pallet forks, hooks, brooms and snow blades can all be installed to make them useful all year round.Articulated trucks are used to transport material over rough terrain and are known for their ability to handle steep slopes and slippery conditions. They have high flotation and superior tracking thanks to their light, large tires and all-wheel drive. In addition, these machines can turn and maneuver more sharply than rigid-chassis trucks.Compact track loaders are incredibly versatile machines that are easy to operate and perform a variety of tasks.

They can fit in the box of a van and have the specialized ability to work in and around finished landscapes without damaging any surface. The compact design of the track loader increases traction and flotation, making it ideal for wet, soft, snowy, sandy, sensitive and muddy slopes.It has been estimated that only two people using a compact track loader with an accessory can perform the same amount of work as a crew of five or more manual workers. The study conducted by Equipment World also investigated the main brands that contractors bought in the past four years. Among the top three for small businesses in the categories of used and new equipment is the Volvo A40F articulated truck, a machine available through McClung-Logan.Excavators are perhaps the most versatile type of equipment in the construction industry due to their wide range of uses.

They can dig trenches at different depths by raising or lowering the plate with hydraulic pistons. This configuration is beneficial for excavating trenches located below the machine level; plus they have a front bucket that allows them to load, lift and unload material. Articulated trailers, transportation, compact truck loader, construction equipment, crawler dozers, demolition, excavators, front mounted blades, heavy equipment, high traction effort, loading, popular heavy equipment, quarry work, difficult terrain, storage, material transport, versatility and wheel loaders are all essential pieces of equipment in the construction industry.